Football Free Kicks – A new iPhone & iPad game


For those dreaming of playing for Barsa or Madrid… Free Football Kicks is now available!  Feel the excitement of football trying to beat the goalkeeper. Throw a ball effect or not surprised it…  With Free Football Kicks You can ensallar free-throws live to become a master of football as Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi.  Slide your […]

Talk to Santa – An iPhone & iPad must have app for this Christmas


Talk to Santa to repeat everything you say…  Have fun this Christmas with this new “talking” type application and have Santa Claus to repeat what you say in a tone of voice more acute or more severe.  Click the “i” button to set the tone of voice or microphone sensitivity. You can also use the […]

Candy Ninja 3d – iPhone & iPad Game made with Unity 3d


Candy Ninja 3D Free – Cut and smash candy as a samurai.  A new format in which you will spend hours playing. Play to smash and cut candy and goodies with this fun free game.  Smash all the goodies you can without time limit. All you have to do is to let slip away over 3 […]

The copyright and the use of image banks like Depositphotos


Copyright protects works (websites, images, applications, etc.) Of others avoiding unauthorized copying or use thereof. On the internet this takes the letter and if you do not want to have legal problems should not use protected material in any way. If you need professional images, high-impact, attention grabbing, the correct way of doing things is […]

Monetize your apps: Tapcontext Banner Ad (Android)


Hi everyone,This is a simple integration for a Tapcontext banner ad in Eclipse for Android. With this banner you can get a ECPM up to $30, in some cases. Tapcontext serves ads campaigns CPA (Cost-per-Action) and CPC (Cost-per-click) based. Step 1: Download TapContext Files Before start, if you have not already, you must sign up with Tapcontext and download your personal SDK files. You can do […]

Monetize your apps: LeadBolt HTML Banner Ad (Android)

Hi everyone, This is a simple integration for a LeadBolt HTML banner ad in Eclipse for Android. With this banner you can get a ECPM up to $30, in some cases. LeadBolt serves ads campaigns CPA (Cost-per-Action) and CPC (Cost-per-click) based. Before start, if you have not already, you must sign up with LeadBolt. You can do so by clicking […]